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EK 60 VP-L Battery powered crimping tool 10 - 240 mm²

  • The patented centring system guarantees every time optimum crimping results
  • With automatic retract stop (ARS) for fast crimping cycles
  • Suitable for crimping tubular cable lugs and connectors "standard type" and fine and superfine stranded conductors to 240 mm²


  • Quad-point indent crimping feature with patented centring system, no dies required
  • Open crimping head, rotatable
  • Electronic control and monitoring of crimping operation
  • Integrated pressure measurement with visual and audible signals in case of failure
  • Evaluation function using optical interface and USB adapter
  • One-button operating concept for controlling all tooling functions
  • Ergonomic 2-component plastic housing with soft linings
  • Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling
  • LED for workplace illumination
  • High-performance 18V Li-ion battery with high capacity
  • High-performance motors for maximum operating speed
  • 2-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke
  • Energy saving function by stopping motor after successful crimping process
  • Quick motor stop for high user safety
  • Automatic retraction when crimping is complete
  • Manual retract in case of need
  • Automatic retract stop (ARS) for positioning control in case of multiple crimpings
  • Multi-function LED for maintenance control, charge level indicator of the battery and for data transmission via USB adapter
  • Environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil, quickly biodegradable

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