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PMXTM Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear


A Unique Alternative to Conventional Switchgear

PMX Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, available in ratings of 13.8 and 25 kV, combines the top-notch features of S&C System II Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear with the size and economic benefits of S&C Pad-Mounted Gear. It’s available with S&C’s Mini-Rupter® Switches and the full range of S&C Power Fuses.

PMX Switchgear features individual modules that are electrically connected with bus through-bushings. Any number of modules can be combined, along with metering or cable entrance modules, to create a lineup that’s right for your application. With this economical construction technique, PMX Switchgear provides significant savings over conventional metal-enclosed switchgear.

Models to Suit Your Needs

PMX Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear is offered in manual, remote supervisory, and source-transfer versions.

In source-transfer applications, the entrance modules are provided with power-operated switches and an S&C Micro-AT® Source-Transfer Control.

In remote supervisory applications, the entrance modules are provided with power-operated switches and an S&C 5802 Automatic Switch Control, which provides sophisticated RTU functionality and supports a variety of user-specified communication devices. Alternately, a user-specified RTU can be furnished.

Entrance and feeder modules can be furnished with Type SM-20, SM-4Z, SM-40, or SM-5S Power Fuses or Fault Fiter® Electronic Power Fuses. These modules can be provided with an enhanced fuse handling option featuring S&C’s patented TransFuserTM Mountings. Each mounting effortlessly unlatches and pivots to the open position, making the de-energized and isolated power fuse accessible for replacement.

All modules can be furnished with optional barriers that separate the cable termination sections from the main bus and switching sections.

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